PT Introduction

PT Doks is a Hugo theme for building secure, fast, and SEO-ready documentation websites, which you can easily update and customize.

Get started

There are two main ways to get started with Doks:


Step-by-step instructions on how to start a new Doks project. Tutorial β†’

Quick Start

One page summary of how to start a new Doks project. Quick Start β†’

Go further

Recipes, Reference Guides, Extensions, and Showcase.


Get instructions on how to accomplish common tasks with Doks. Recipes β†’

Reference Guides

Learn how to customize Doks to fully make it your own. Reference Guides β†’


Get instructions on how to add even more to Doks. Extensions β†’


See what others have build with Doks. Showcase β†’


Find out how to contribute to Doks. Contributing β†’


Get help on Doks. Help β†’